2018 Engineers Week Planning Committee


Dr. Daniel Pack
Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

David Wade
President and Chief Executive Officer
Electric Power Board of Chattanooga

Committee Members

(Portrait pictures of the 2018 committee members will be included when those become available)

      Lulu Copeland
      Bryan Eldridge
      Jeff Parris
      Chris Harper
      Paul Snyder
      Mark Poteet
      Kelli Richardson
      Mack Mccarley
      Uwe Zitzow
      Julie David
      Donald Bryson
      Julie Alcantara
      Christy Snyder
      Aldo McLean
      Marjorie Parsons
      John Kleinfeld
      Megan King
      Holley Beeland
      Richard Manning
      Ashley Commander
      Teresa Griffin
      Terry Reynolds

Previous Committee Chairpersons and Committee Members

Sheila Boyington

Tim Spires

Andrew Romanek

Harry Hawkins

Neslihan Alp

Robert Gagliano

Lulu Copeland

Bryan Eldridge

Paul Barnett

Denise Rice

Sandra Knight

Richard Manning

Mack McCarley

R. Wayne McCoy

Tim McGhee

Matt McKee

Brandie Cookston

Jeff Parris

James Schwall

Mike Turnbow

Jim Frierson

Tiffany Gibby



Chattanooga Engineers Week Committee
phone number: 423.697.3212
P.O. Box 4031,
Chattanooga, TN 37405

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